Important Notification

  • PRE/POST MATRIC : The Rajasthan State Scholarship Portal is an integrated e-Governance Portal for automation, streamlining & effective management of scholarship schemes being implemented in the state of Rajasthan across various departments. Rajasthan State Scholarship Portal envisioned to bridge the gap between the scholarship providers and scholarship seekers thus, encouraging more students to be in the system.
  • RAJSHREE : Objective to encourage girl birth and improve their health, education and life improvement post birth this scheme was started in 2016-17 financial year under which all the girls born on or after 1st june 2016 will be eligible for this scheme
  • OTHER SCHEMES : Keeping in view the State Government’s commitment to make beneficiary-oriented schemes easily accessible, seamless and transparent, a unified State Scholarship Portal has been developed by bringing in 21 scholarship schemes of major department of the government under a single platform..

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